Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I had to go to Target today to pick up a few things for my mom and I'm glad I did. They had great price spring selections available and offered many temporary price cuts. Luckily, Target excepts coupons as well. These are some of the good deals I recieved today. I love Vagisil's and Summer's Eve Feminine wash due to extreme sensitivity. Thankfully, Target offers a generic brand that is over a dollar cheaper and works just as good. I tried it right when I got home. Score! Although, if you go to you can print off a $1 off coupon.
Also, if you go to you print of  a $2 off coupon.
There was also I temporary price cut on eight and twelve pack of Viva paper towels. Viva are the best paper towels I have ever used. Bulk packs of Viva are very hard to find; Target being the only place I have found eight and twelve packs (not even at a big box store like BJ's). Use this link to recieve a 50 cents off on Viva; Viva Choose-A-size are my favorite.

I love Lean Cuisine meals for lunch and dinner. Not only were the meals on sale, there was a buy four, get one free special! I got a whole week's worth of lunches for only $11.91. Using this link you can receive a $1 off coupon;

You can also earn a free lunchbox purse by just collecting 20 codes from participating LEAN CUISINE® entrĂ©es. Packing ones lunch is always cost effective and now it can be attractive too!


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