Wednesday, January 12, 2011


·         Have an idea what you are looking for or in need of.
Today I am searching for a knit skinny tie and something with a cheetah print, instead I met a guy (Jan.10).
·         While most items of clothing are in need of a good clean, still check for stains because not all stains can be removed (ex:ink,tar,wine), even by your local dry cleaner. If a stain is located in an inconspicuous place (ex: lining) it’s no big deal.
·         Check for damage. If there is damage that you cannot afford to repair, leave it at the store.
·         Try on all garments. Sometimes tailoring is necessary and a great investment if you happen to stumble upon a unique find.
·         Don’t just purchase an item because it is inexpensive.
·         Most thrift stores are FINAL SALE so be careful when choosing.
·         Look for classic pieces in good condition.
·         You can always do simple and affordable updates like changing a button.
·         The best thrift stores are sometimes found in affluent neighborhoods.

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